City of Long Beach Library Services


The Long Beach Public Library is committed to meeting the learning and information needs of our culturally diverse and dynamic population. We provide quality library services through a professional staff that is responsive, expert and who take pride in providing public service. We offer a wide selection of resources and materials representing all points of view. We support learning for a lifetime, intellectual curiosity and free and equal access to information.

Core Services:

• Innovatively provide a full range of library materials and services to the general public
• Ensure that all people have free and convenient access to all library resources and services that might enrich their lives
• Provide productive learning for a lifetime, reading and enrichment opportunities for our community
• Effectively utilize specialized library technology in the selection, organization and delivery of information, including electronic and online education and information resources

FY 17 Focus:

The Library Services Department is focused on implementing innovative service models at all libraries,

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