Draft Manual On HF Data Link (HFDL) Technical Details


1.1 The purpose of this manual is to provide additional technical details for the link and subnet work layers of the HF data link (HFDL) system. These specifications were developed by the AMCP in conjunction with the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) which are incorporated in Annex 10, Volume III, Part I, Chapter 11. States should ensure that, in the interest of interoperability, HFDL systems are operated in accordance with these specifications.

1.2 ICAO will continue to develop the material in this manual through the appropriate channels. Due account will be taken of the need to ensure, to the maximum extent practical, compatibility with the current specifications with a view to avoid the requirement to retrofit aircraft with new systems.


2.1 Reliable link service (RLS) protocol
Table 2-1. Information held by the HFDL aircraft and ground station sub-systems

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Performance Analyzing on Aviation Air-Ground Data Link

Abstract As the standard equipment of the commercial aircrafts, air-ground data link system is widely used in modern aviation transport. However, its validity was unsatisfactory in our testing, especially in error of transmission. In this paper, some influencing factors during air-ground data transmitting were analyzed from the signal transmission. Considering ACARS was based on ARINC-618 protocol, a fundamental study in this article on transmission signal and demodulating signal of the ground air data link system was done on the basis of ACARS signal generated by the transient aircrafts.


As the rapid development of the aviation industry, the modern air transport aircraft is becoming more and more digital. A large number of flight data and information can be collected through various methods and recorded. Through the air-ground data link, real-time data communication can be enabled while airplane is in flight. As a complement and extension of Flight Data Recorder (FDR), the air-ground data link can continuously transmit aircraft performance and navigation data in real time to...

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